Hi there, Welcome to TeachMeHowToCurry!  This blog is essentially an extension of my kitchen.

I am a Mumbai girl who has shuttled around a fair bit between India, Hong Kong, U.K and currently calls Hong Kong “home”. The only place I truly belong is in front of a plate full of food. Growing up, I was lucky to be surrounded by amazing cooks and it’s their cooking and persuasive feeding thats made me a proud owner of my thunder thighs.

Unfortunately, I am away from all these women and their fabulous cooking. Hence, TeachMeHowToCurry to chronicle my daily dose of food coma and remember and celebrate these women in my life. Here you will find recipes that are original, recreated and predominantly Indian home cooking. I hope you join me and enjoy this food journey of mine 🙂



I am happy to review products, cookbooks and test recipes. If you would like to work with me on creating recipes or menus for dining events, guest blogging or editorials please drop me a line on teachmehowtocurry@gmail.com




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