Give Mom a Break – fast.

Mothers need to be celebrated every single day, however, given our busy schedules and hyperactive lives these designated days force us to carve time out for those that matter.

Try these 5 breakfast recipes you can make for mum whenever you get the chance. Just make sure you don’t miss out the most important ingredient, common for all these recipes, love.

  1. Healthy Decadent Chocolate Banana Oats
    Perfect if your mom (and family) nurses a sweet tooth, with no added refined sugar this one will give her the sweet fix and is healthier than a chocolate cake but tastes just as good!

  2. Savoury French Toasts 
    Dip, dip and go! If you like a spicy brekkie amp up the spice by adding more chillies. These savoury french toasts are a twist on a popular classic and sure to go down well with some special mimosas.

  3. Shroom-Mami Bread
    Make a roux and add Mushrooms sautéed with garlic and Italian Herbs seasoning to make an earthy, cheesy, ultimate umami sauce. Top bread triangles with this, grated some cheese over it and pop it in the oven! 20160506_100416

  4. Upma/ Roasted Semolina Porridge 
    Takes slightly more prep than the others but it is totally worth it. This one’s great to set in the middle of the table and have everyone dig in!20160423_095921

  5. BerryNANA Pancakes 
    No list of a breakfast/ brunch is complete without the mention of pancakes. These Blueberry and Banana pancakes are quick, easy and wait for it … healthy! Another recipe that doesn’t need any refined or added sugar; you’re love is sweet enough for this one.BerryNana Pancakes